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About LangOps

Language Operations, is a crucial intersection of multilingual communication and artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring businesses communicate effectively across global markets by managing and utilizing multilingual textual data. It leverages high-quality multilingual content and domain knowledge graphs, aiding in the creation and maintenance of robust tools like large language models and multilingual knowledge systems. These tools, embedded in AI applications, navigate through diverse language landscapes, ensuring coherent and contextually relevant communication. 

LangOps not only enhances global communicative strategies but also ensures they are inclusive, interoperable, and efficiently resonate with varied global audiences, thereby bolstering customer interaction and global operational efficacy.


Our Manifesto

Half of all data is textual. Textual data is always multilingual. Businesses use only one or max two corporate languages. LangOps is an AI-centric approach to enable companies to scale across markets and languages.

Our Founders

João Graça
CTO at Unbabel

“LangOps helps global businesses communicate with stakeholders no matter what language they speak.”

Pioneer since Apr 2021
Vasco Pedro
CEO at Unbabel

“LangOps belongs to the C-Suite. After all, there is no job that can be done effectively without language.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Britta Aagaard
Chief Business Officer at Semantix

“LangOps will change everything.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Jochen Hummel
CEO at ESTeam and Coreon

“LangOps is like DevOps but for language.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Meet the pioneers of the LangOps movement!

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Welcome to the epicenter of the linguistic revolution – LangOps! In a world where communication knows no borders, LangOps is the game changer we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the secret sauce behind global connectivity, where language meets technology in a dazzling dance of words and algorithms. Join us in rewriting the rules of communication, breaking barriers, and shaping the future. Be a part of this transformative movement, because the world doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. Stay tuned right here for the latest breakthroughs, innovations, and a front-row seat to the language evolution. Your passport to a world of linguistic possibilities begins here!


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