Our Manifesto

Half of all data is textual. Textual data is always multilingual. Businesses use only one or max two corporate languages. LangOps is an AI-centric approach to enable companies to scale across markets and languages.

Understand all customers:

Our highest priority is to understand every customer no matter what language they use and expand our reach to the widest audience possible.

Support all customer facing functions:

We initially focus on the most urgent needs, but promote organizational progress and architect solutions which can eventually support all customer interactions.

Embrace data-centric AI:

Data is the key to performant AI systems for language. We collect, create, structure, maintain, and leverage textual data to deliver efficient solutions.

Try AI first:

AI systems are already good enough for many use cases and their performance will continue to improve. We always start by trying AI solutions to solve language problems.

Assess quality of AI:

Quality is the pillar for trust in AI. Everything we create is proactively assessed through the lens of quality, so we can act before errors arise.

Value human contribution:

We value the human contribution that constantly improves our data and thus machines.

Expect transparency, control and scalability:

We create scalable, transparent, easy-to-use systems. We can control and change the systems to improve the process.

Process data in real time:

The world is moving to dynamic content creation. We build with real time at the core.

Build language-agnostic:

We design all processes and supporting systems with ease of scaling to new languages. We dynamically integrate language into our products without any hardwiring.

Promote interdisciplinary knowledge:

We train LangOps in the different areas required to be efficient. We continuously enable teams to evolve and learn new skills.

Leverage available data and tech:

We make use of available tools and data collections. We strictly account for total cost of ownership in buy or build situations.

Be at the forefront:

We invest time to research and study academic and commercial advances. We future proof LangOps by constantly pushing the boundaries.