Our Pioneers

We are thrilled to welcome industry trailblazers to the LangOps movement! Our esteemed experts, pioneers in the language and content realm, have joined forces to champion innovation and excellence. Together, we’re advancing the LangOps mission to seamlessly integrate language into operations, redefining the way we communicate and achieve our goals.

João Graça
CTO at Unbabel

“LangOps helps global businesses communicate with stakeholders no matter what language they speak.”

Pioneer since Apr 2021
Vasco Pedro
CEO at Unbabel

“LangOps belongs to the C-Suite. After all, there is no job that can be done effectively without language.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Britta Aagaard
Chief Business Officer at Semantix

“LangOps will change everything.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Jochen Hummel
CEO at ESTeam and Coreon

“LangOps is like DevOps but for language.”

Pioneer since Sep 2022
Krzysztof Zdanowski
CEO & Founder at Summa Linguae Technologies

“LangOps is when multilingual content is truly activated.”

Pioneer since Mar 2023
Arthur Wetzel
Director at IOLAR

“LangOps is crucial for effective international business planning.”

Pioneer since Mar 2023
Josef Kubovský
CEO at Nimdzi

“LangOps: Merging human expertise with AI to transcend language barriers.”

Pioneer since Mar 2023
Mathijs Sonnemans
Product Owner at Blackbird.io

“The LangOps engineer manages their company’s multilingual assets as they continuously build and validate automated human/AI content processes.”

Pioneer since Mar 2023
Emma Axelsson
Director Transformation & Innovation at Semantix

“LangOps shapes the conversation and ideas for tomorrow’s language industry.”

Pioneer since Mar 2023
Yvan Hennecart
Executive Content Consultant

“LangOps is a clear top-line driver.”

Pioneer since May 2023
Bruno Herrmann
Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant

“Capitalize on your content assets to create language data and adopt the game changing approach of LangOps.”

Pioneer since Sep 2023
Stefan Huyghe
AI Consultant and Language Industry Strategist

“LangOps allows localization to fulfill its ambition to shift from a plug-in service to a value-added partner upstream.”

Pioneer since Oct 2023