Our Pioneers

We are thrilled to welcome industry trailblazers to the LangOps movement! Our esteemed experts, pioneers in the language and content realm, have joined forces to champion innovation and excellence. Together, we’re advancing the LangOps mission to seamlessly integrate language into operations, redefining the way we communicate and achieve our goals.

Diego Cresceri
Founder & CEO at Creative Words

“LangOps is not only a requirement for our industry to stay relevant, it’s an opportunity for it to thrive.”

Pioneer since Oct 2023
Didzis Grauss
CRO at Native Localization

“LangOps seeks and succeeds in delivering value from the day one of product development”

Pioneer since Nov 2023
Klaus Fleischmann
CEO Kaleidoscope & eurocom Translation Services

“LangOps is a unique opportunity to redefine our industry´s role of an enabler for global content and communication.”

Pioneer since Dec 2023
Matthias Caesar
Matthias Caesar
Partner at iLocIT!

“Unlock the boundless potential of language within your organization by demolishing content silos through LangOps.”

Pioneer since Mar 2024
Marc Mittag
CEO & Founder MittagQI | translate5

“LangOps solutions should and can be driven the open source way by a community of companies – like we are doing it with translate5.”

Pioneer since Mar 2024
Marion Randelshofer
Marion Randelshofer
COO at World Translation A/S

“LangOps changes localization from a commodity into an enabler of growth, equity and inclusion.”

Pioneer since Mar 2024